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Tips to Protect Phishing Scams by Norton Antivirus

Top Tips to Protect Phishing Scams by Norton Antivirus

Phishing scams are the most prevalent type of cybercrime in the world. But phishing is beatable to solve by users as well. But it’s always better to learn what Phishing actually stands for? Phishing is a kind of identity theft which is drastically growing popular amongst hackers. As per as strong research conducted by Norton Antivirus Support professionals, criminals can now have easy access to various  information by sending users links to sites that look similar  to the sites you trust, such as your online banking provider or social networks, and are able to steal your data as you enter it. Here is some tips to Protect Phishing Scams by Norton Antivirus.

How to Protect Phishing Scams by Norton Antivirus

How to Protect Phishing Scams by Norton Antivirus

Step 1: Be careful about emails asking for confidential information:

  • Users should be careful about their confidential information of a financial nature. Authorized organizations will never request users for sensitive information via email.

Step 2: Get familiarize with a website’s privacy policy:

  • The majority of commercial websites are always having a privacy policy, which is usually accessible at the front page. The most essential thing to do is to have a look for various website’s policy on whether it will or not sell its mailing list.
  • Most of the scams which you will receive on a daily basis are potentially termed as quite dangerous phishing emails that are reaching you because a site which users have signed up to has sold all their email address to another company.

Step 3: Watch out for generic-looking requests for information:

  • Fraudulent emails are often not personalized in nature, while your authentic emails from banks often relates to an account you have with you. Many phishing emails have indication that with the following message such as “Dear Sir/Madam”, and others come from a bank with which users really don’t even have an account.

Step 4: Handling confidential data

  • Submitting user’s confidential information via forms that are embedded within email messages are always to be kept on safe side. Senders often have tendency to be able to track all the information entered.

Step 5: Avoid using links in email account

  • Never work with any suspicious links in an email to avoid connecting to a website unless you are fully aware of strong authentication method. Rather, expert team working at Norton tech support department has advised users to open up a new browser window and then type the URL directly into the address bar. Well, often a phishing website will entirely look alike to the original – look at the address bar to make sure that this is the case.

Step 6: Maintaining effectiveness

  • Users should always be sure to maintain various effective software to easily combat phishing acts. Well, further Norton Internet Security will automatically detect and block various fake websites by authenticating major banking and shopping websites.

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