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Get free antivirus protection with Norton 360

Symantec .com offers free Norton 360 antivirus protection for viruses and antispyware protection in PC, laptop, Computer and Mobile. It gives real-time on-demand assistance on the virus, Trojans, spyware, and other malware. The program also offers anti-phishing, firewall protection, online storage and back up while scanning. The website proposes free antivirus programs for 30 days of trail period so users can check the accessibility, virus removal tools, and its functionality, and if it fulfills their need, they purchased a subscription for the long period. So it’s better you use it before you purchase the products. Check the below guidelines for installing Norton 360 to your computer.

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Log into the Symantec.com to your computer and navigate Norton 360 section

  • Once the page will be displayed, click on the free trial period offer to below, click on the below sign and continue set up.
  • Continue on shopping cart page, enter the billing information, don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the trial period; it will use if you will buy the further subscription for the program.
  • Click on the download and install, click on the button “download and install here” window will appear and follow the instructions. Make sure you copy a product key and follow the on-screen direction to download and install Norton 360 for 30 days trial period.
  • If you do not cancel the trial period after 30 days, you will be charged as per subscription plan, if you want to cancel the trail period, cancel it within 30 days.

To know more information about Norton antivirus and how it works, visit: Nortontechnicalsupportnumbers.com and speak with our Norton antivirus technical support assistance at +1-800-715-9524.

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Understanding and Troubleshooting Common Errors of Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus helps to safeguard the computer but sometimes due to many reasons it can show a specific error that can affect its functionality and performance. Common errors of Norton Antivirus occurs when there is issue with the compatibility of antivirus, internet connections, virus scan problem or insufficient space in hard disk or software conflict. And each error is well-defined through special codes which are discussed below.


Norton Error 3048 3

This error appears at the time of installation of program which crashes the active program window. The main causes of this error are incomplete installation of Norton antivirus, or windows registry corrupted or infection of virus or malware that corrupted windows system files. Error 3048 3 can be caused by a various factor you need to take Norton tech support and solve the issue instantly.

Norton Error 8504 104

This error can be caused when your computer have already installed another antivirus or security software. The error can be caused also because of failed installation, especially when the software product is upgraded with the new version. You have to uninstall other security product and remove it from the control panel to successfully install the Norton antivirus in your computer system.

Norton Error 8506 421

This is one of the most common errors that can be easily fixed by restarting your computer. However, sometimes it can appear again, so in that condition you have to uninstall and reinstall your Norton antivirus with the proper instructions. To remove the Norton antivirus you have to download the Norton removal tool to uninstall or can take help of Norton antivirus technical support to fix the error.

Norton Error 3039

This error 3039 can be displayed in various forms like Norton Error “3039 1” or “3039 65559”. These set of errors can come when a specific security feature of Norton antivirus in not successfully installed into your computer system. To fix Norton error you have to uninstall and reinstall your Norton antivirus product and for that download the Norton removal tool and uninstall successfully and reinstall again.

Norton Error 8505

This error code appears usually when there is some conflict issue with proxy setting of your computer network. To fix this error you have to restart your computer and uninstall the antivirus product to install again. After successfully installation you can also run advance scan to potentially unwanted applications with the help of Norton Power Eraser or you can also get help of Norton customer support service.

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How to Disable Norton Antivirus Program Temporarily on Your Computer?

Norton is intended to secure your different devices, PC, mobile, and tablet from harmful virus and spyware attacks. For security and protection, it is important to enable virus protection every time you work in your device. However, sometimes, to avoid the conflict of installation of other application, temporarily you have to disable the virus protection. For more information on how to disable antivirus protection, visit Norton antivirus support.

Disable Norton Antivirus Protection and Firewall to Your Desktop

In notification area of your desktop, you will see the yellow icon of Norton antivirus program, right click on the bar and disable the protection. Your computer may warn you about the vulnerability of virus attacks but do not worry, it’s is temporary. Similarly, if you are trying to install an application from the browser, disable smart firewall until an application is installed to the computer.

Hide/ Disable Norton Toolbar

  • If you have set Norton toolbar on the different browser, disable it, you can enable it later. For Firefox and internet explorer, click on view and uncheck Norton toolbar.
  • For chrome, navigate chrome menu and select tools, chose extensions uncheck enable, the settings will be saved automatically.

Automatic Renewal

Once you subscribed for the Norton customer services, and found it satisfactory, than you can select the auto-renewal option, but if you found the services are not satisfactory, you can visit the Norton website and cancel the auto-renewal option. To cancel the option-

  • Visit Norton management website and sign in with user name and password
  • View all product that you are subscribed to, click the slider to change automatic renewal off position, turn off the pop-up window for confirmation.
  • Sign out from your account, once the renewal will be disabled, it won’t be billed to your next subscription cycle. To know more details about virus protection speak to our Norton support antivirus associate at: +1-800-715-9524.