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Fix Norton Error Code

How to Fix Norton Identity Safe Problem?

In this new era, there is a significant dependency on the web. You rely on the internet to perform all your day to day works. This increased the risk of cyber threats as well. As we all are aware of the fact that Norton is one of the most popular antivirus software that protects your devices from viruses or malware. However, unlike other antivirus software, it also faces some issues. One such error is Norton Identity Safe Problems.

A simple question that may arise in your mind is what is this error. In case you are troubled by this problem, then you are in the right place. Go through this article to get answers to all your queries along with the troubleshooting measure. Norton Identity Safe Problem is basically a login error that stops you to use the cyber-security services.

Are you aware of Norton identity Safe problem while login on your suite? If it is so, then you are at the right place. Keep reading the blow to Fix Norton Identity Safe Problem in the best possible manner.

If you use the Norton suite & ever get any error then you don’t need to wait for long. All you need to nail such error is to contact Norton Internet Security Support. Once you are all set to contact such support system then go through a mode out of remote, online, or phone. If you have selected a mode then try to connect with techies as soon as possible. Techies will welcome antivirus issues on the spot. If problem is difficult then expert will fix it via remote software.

Fix Norton Identity Safe Problem

Yet, wondering about what is Norton Identity Safe Problem? Well, it is simple question which can answer by the professionals on the spot. Let me introduce your about such error. It is login error & stops customers to use the cybersecurity services ahead. Sometimes, credential submittal & incorrect password submission causes such error. The “unable to find Norton identity Safe toolbar” & “operation timed out” also cause such error.  You can fix the error by following the steps as given below.

Steps to Resolve Norton Identity Safe Problem:

Step 1: Restart your PC

Step 2: Log out & Log in to Norton Identity Safe    

  • Start your Norton suite
  • On the upper-right part of the screen
  • Click on “username” (username will come if you signed in the product via credential)
  • From the “Sign out” dialogue box, click “OK”
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  • In the Norton suite’s window, under the identity tab, click on “Identity Safe”
  • From the “Get Started” window, click on “sign in” button.
  • From the “sign in” dialogue box, type in the Norton account credentials.
  • Click on “Sign in”
  • Under the “vault closed” window, type the “Norton identity Safe password”
  • Finally, click on “open”

Alternate Effective Ways Of Fixing Norton Identity Safe Problems

These login errors related to Norton can occur due to a variety of factors. It is essential to eliminate each possible reasons to prevent it from reappearing.

Solution 1:

Firstly, be sure that you are entering the right password and email id to log in. If the problem continues to exist, then close all the tabs and restart your computer. This might help you to solve the problem. Otherwise, follow the next method.


Now find whether you are getting an appropriate Internet connection. If all the things are OK with the Internet, then Login and Logout into your Norton Identity Safe. For doing this follow these steps:

  • Open the Norton suite and click on the upper right part of the screen.
  • Now, click on the Username. Accordingly, the username will appear only when you are signing in via credentials.
  • Click on the Ok option from the Sign out dialogue box.
  • Under the Identity tab in the Norton suite window, tap on the option saying Identity Safe.
  • Click on the sign in button from the “Get Started” window.
  • From the dialogue box, sign-in with the Norton account credentials.
  • Type the Norton Identity Safe Password under the “vault closed” window.
  • At last, click the open option.

These are the steps following which you might resolve your issue with Norton. However, if you still can’t eliminate the problem, then contact our Norton Customer Service to avail instant support.

Norton Cutomer Service

Contact Premier Norton Antivirus Support +1-800-715-9524 to get Expert help  

Have you fed up from runtime Norton errors? If yes, then you are at the right place. If you get the same error then you don’t need to sit like a couch potato. All you need to do is to use your cell phone to dial the Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number. If you have dialed such number, then connect with expert to welcome your queries. After that, tech expert will fix it via remote software.

We hope that this article was informative enough to help you understand and fix Norton Identity Safe Problems. You can connect with our trustworthy engineers through our multiple connection facilities, in case you need further guidance. Our team will analyze the problem you are facing and provide you with reliable solutions. Get in touch with us at any hour. Our executives will be glad to help you out.

We assure you prompt and top-of-the-line help. Afterall, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed with us. We are available 24×7 with the best feasible solutions.

Now, connecting with us is more comfortable than before. You can talk to our engineers and obtain an expert opinion regarding Norton Identity Safe Problems through our live chat portal. We are working round the clock to ease your technical problems.

Otherwise, you can choose to resolve the error by dropping your service request through an email. Our experts will get back to you in no time and sort out the troubles quickly. Also, you can dial our Norton Technical Support Number any time of the day.

Fix Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 101

How to Fix Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 101?

Have you caught in Norton installation Error Code 8504, 101? If so, then you don’t need to entangle more as you can Fix Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 101 on the spot. If you use Norton product to secure your system online or offline, then keep going. You can enhance your experiences to larger extent via Norton Internet Security Support.  You can also fix Norton error 8504, 101 which sometimes closes your product. So, you can fix your error codes and messages on the spot via remote software.

Norton Internet security Error Code 8504, 101 occurrence can close your security suite. In such a situation, the majority of users ask—how to resolve Norton error 8504, 101? Well, it is simple yet difficult question which need to sort via Norton experts. To fix such error, users need to follow steps one-by-one:

Steps to Resolve Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 101:

Fix Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 101

Step 1: Update Device Drivers/Managers

Updating the device drivers or managers can fix such issues. If such error still persists then upgrade the device drivers or managers.

Step 2: Install New Windows Updates

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Install new Windows updates, applications, or alerts on your computer system. So, install it on the daily basis.

Step 3:  Run a “Windows System File Checker”

Run a Windows System File Checker by executing below-mentioned steps:

  • Click on “Start” button.
  • Get the search box.
  • Enter “cmd.exe” command on command prompt box.
  • Put your cursor on window.
  • Enter “sfc/scannow” command on window.

Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 101 can occur in any of the following Windows OS:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Still, getting Norton Error 8504, 101?


Contact the Professional Norton Antivirus Support

The Norton Support is the professional support system with useful, helpful services. Have you flooded with so many questions? If yes, then use your cell phone to dial the Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-800-715-9524. Once you ring this number, you will connect with well-equipped techies. Afterwards, techies will resolve any Norton issues in the most convenient way.

Easily Remove The TROJAN. KOVTER THREAT From The PC

Steps To Easily Remove The TROJAN. KOVTER THREAT From The PC

Trojan.Kovter is a kind of Trojan virus that keeps itself hidden in other spiteful programs. Once you install the source program, this Trojan attempts to gain the root access that is generally known as the administration drive of a computer. They are generally very difficult to detect as they hide by integrating into the other operating systems. The fundamental problem with it that these viruses execute Trojan.J.S.Cover each time the user boots his or her computer. Moreover, it attempts to download the software and install other such malicious files.

We know that the virus can wreck you entirely and hence came up with the solution for it. You can follow some of the simple steps to resolve it on your own. If you face any such issue, then directly contact our Norton tech support for assistance.

Defining the term Trojan.JS.Cover

Remove The TROJAN. KOVTER THREAT : Trojan.JS.Cover is a kind of Trojan virus which keeps itself hidden in other malicious programs. Once the installation of the source program is complete, according to the team of Norton Technical Support technicians, this Trojan attempts to gain a “root” access which is generally known as an administrator level access to the computer without a user’s knowledge. In this blog, our expert Norton professionals will guide users about the steps to easily Remove The TROJAN. KOVTER THREAT from the PC.

One such category of virus known as Trojan.JS.Kovter which is difficult to detect as they hide themselves by integrating into other operating system. Once it infects the computer, then the Trojan.JS.Cover executes each time the user’s computer boots and attempts to download software and install other such malicious files.


Causes that Trojan.JS.Cover got into the user’s Computer

Like other Trojans, Norton Antivirus Support Number team has researched that the Trojan.JS.Cover gains an easy entry via source programs which carries a Trojan payload which users might have installed unknowingly. Common sources are:

  • Malicious websites
  • Legitimate websites infected with Trojans
  • Email attachments
  • Fake updates
  • Peer-to-peer sharing software
  • Malicious video players and codec’s
  • Free downloadable games
  • Chat software
  • IRC channels
  • Social media links pointing to infected files or websites

Symptoms of Trojan.JS.Cover bug

  • Unnatural network activities
  • Registry modifications
  • Change in the browser settings
  • Slow computer response

Steps To Remove The TROJAN. KOVTER THREAT from the PC

Trojan.JS.Cover is quite difficult to detect as well as to remove in manual mode but it is seen that the most of the anti-malware programs are able to easily detect and remove it successfully. Scanning of the computer with advanced level anti-malware will surely Remove The Trojan.JS.KOVTER and other files infected by it.

But, it is to be noted that the scanning and removing the threat without any other special actions will not help in fixing the modifications of the Trojan.JS.Cover made to the Windows Registry. A user definitely needs to clean Windows Registry section by removing all the invalid registry entries with the help of registry cleaner program.

But if the computer is infected with Trojan.JS.Cover, perform all the below steps to remove it:

  1. Use an anti-malware program to effectively scan and remove the threat from the PC
  2. Clean the Windows Registry section


Our Norton antivirus service is available for customers across the globe using different devices worldwide to help meet their daily demands for various working requirements. We believe in customer satisfaction and make sure that we have a track record of highest success rate in identify customer’s problem by encouraging them to dial us at our Norton Customer Support help-desk and instantly resolve every critical issues successfully. So, people who are looking for prompt online support to resolve all their issues, they  can call us at our Norton toll-free number and we will get back to them via online tech support service with the best customer care support at reasonable charges.

Our services for customers are available all across the globe to meet the customers’ demands. Our main motto is to satisfy our customer and to have a track record of successful services.

Contact us to resolve any issues related to Trojan.Kovter at any time. Dial our Norton tech support number and get efficient solutions at your convenience. Our experts are active round the clock to help you with the best possible solutions to your errors. Otherwise, drop us a mail at our registered email address mentioning your issues. Our experts will call you back in no time with accurate solutions which will help you to get rid of your problems.

Opt for the live chat facility from the live chat portal and avail real-time remote assistance. Feel free to contact us and get immediate solutions in just a help request that too in your budget.

Resolve Error Code “9” in Norton Antivirus

How to Resolve Error Code “9” in Norton Antivirus?

Signs of Error 9

  • MS Windows OS responds slowly to input from keyboard & mouse and works sluggishly.
  • Your computer “freezes” periodically for some seconds at a time.
  • “Error 9” displays and crashes the program window which is active.

For any issue related to Norton Antivirus contact Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number +1-800-715-9524.

Norton Technical support

Main Reasons of Error 9

  • Virus or malware infection which corrupted the system files of your MS Windows OS or files related to the Norton Antivirus.
  • Incomplete installation or corrupt download of Norton Antivirus.
  • Corrupted Windows registry due to a recent install or uninstall of the Norton Antivirus.

Here we provide a list of troubleshooting steps How to Resolve Error Code “9” in Norton Antivirus.

  • You need to fix those entries in the registry which are related with the Error 9
  • Also perform a complete Malware scan inyour computer
  • Use the Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr)method to clean out the junk files from your computer such as temporary files and folders
  • Upgrade the device drivers of your computer to the latest version.
  • UseMS Windows System Restore utility to undo the recent changes in your computer
  • Reinstall and uninstall the Norton Antivirus Program files related to the Error 9
  • Use Windows System File Checker utility (“sfc /scannow”)
  • Install all the updates for your MS Windows OS from the Windows Update
  • Also do a clean installation of MS Windows OS

Norton Customer Support

Our Norton Technical support professionals work as an independent online tech support service provider with an ultimate motive to offer its users a highly optimized solution according to their needs.  We assist our users with the proper installation process of Norton antivirus software and other related products.  For any type of technical issues in the Norton Antivirus contact our toll-free Norton Customer Support Number +1-800-715-9524, we have managed to deliver our users the best-in-industry tech support services for all of their virus related issues at the highly reasonable prices.

Norton 360 support

How to Uninstall Norton 360 2013 (Beta)?

Norton 360 2013 (Beta) is one of the premium antivirus products of Symantec. It efficiently safeguards your computer system from any type of harmful virus threats including spams, spyware, malware, adware and Trojans. However on certain occasions, you may decide to uninstall Norton 360 2013 antivirus. Before you go ahead to uninstall this antivirus from your computer, you must save your settings. Read further to learn how to uninstall Norton 360 2013 antivirus from your computer. Alternatively you can also consult the experts of our Norton 360 Antivirus Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Log in to your computer as administrator

Before you proceed to uninstall Norton 360 2013 from your computer, log in to your computer as administrator and save all your settings.

Open Uninstall or Change a program option

Click on Start and go to Control Panel. In the Control Panel, locate Uninstall or change a program section.

Launch Uninstall Norton 360 application

In the list of programs installed in Windows, locate Norton 360 product and press Uninstall.  If you are using Windows 7, this will open the UAC (User Account Control) window. Select the Yes option. This will lead to “Thank you!” window.

Select Your Uninstall Preference

You can either keep the settings which will be helpful if you are going to use another Norton product or you can choose to remove all user data. Select one of the two options depending upon your needs.

Tell the reason for Uninstalling

In the Subscription box, you can choose to tell the Symantec Company, the reason for your uninstallation of this antivirus product. Click Next to proceed with the Uninstallation.

Wait for the uninstallation process to finish

Wait for some time as the uninstallation process is finished. Reboot the system once the process is done.

In this way, you will be able to remove Norton 360 2013 Beta from your computer. For any other issue regarding Norton Antivirus, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-800-715-9524.

Norton antivirus support

How to Disable Norton Antivirus in Windows?

Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus programs available in the market. It has been reviewed as one of topmost antivirus programs that are very efficient against various types of virus threats. It safeguards Windows users from malwares, adware, spyware, spams, Trojans and other virus threats. However on certain occasions, you may decide to disable Norton antivirus program so that you can install some important program that requires you to disable the antivirus program. Read further to learn how to disable Norton antivirus in Windows. Alternatively you can also consult our Norton Antivirus Support expert to get a step-by-step guidance on this topic.

Locate the Norton icon on System Tray

In order to disable the Norton antivirus, you have to locate the program. There is a very easy and quick way by which you can perform this. On desktop, there are several icons on System Tray. These icons are of the programs running in the background. Locate icon of Norton antivirus on the System Tray.

Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect

Right click on the Norton icon, which will open a list of options. Among the list of options, choose “Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect” option. Disabling this function will turn off the actively running virus protection.

Select the Duration

While disabling the antivirus protection, you will get the option to decide for how long you want to disable the program. You can either choose to disable the program for a specific period of time or you can disable it till you reboot the system. You can also disable it permanently; however you should refrain from doing that as browsing internet without active antivirus protection could be harmful for your system.

Re-enable protection

Once your requirement for disabling the antivirus protection is done, you should enable the virus protection again by right-clicking on the Norton icon.

In this way you will be able to disable Norton Antivirus in Windows. For any query or issue regarding Norton Antivirus program, you should contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-800-715-9524.

Norton 360 tech support

How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security in Mac OS X?

Norton Internet Security is a popular antivirus program that gives all round and robust antivirus protection. This efficient antivirus program protects the user from various types of threats including malware, spyware, adware, spams and Trojans. However this antivirus is quite heavy on the computer resources and sometimes user feels the need to uninstall it from the system. If you are using Mac OS X operating system, the process of uninstalling Norton Internet Security is different from other operating systems. Read further to learn how to uninstall Norton Internet Security in OS X. Alternatively, you can also consult the experts of Norton 360 Support to get a step-by-step guidance on this matter.

Open Norton Internet Security

In the application folder, locate Symantec Uninstaller and click to open it.

Initiate Uninstallation

Launch the Symantec Uninstaller which will ask you which Symantec products you want to uninstall. Choose Norton Internet Security among the list of products and select Uninstall Norton Internet Security. Confirm when asked.

Enter administrator information

In order to uninstall the program from your system, you will need to provide your administrator information.

Reboot the System

To finish the process of uninstallation of Norton Internet Security, restart the system.

Download RemoveSymantecMacFiles utility

Norton program has an irritating habit of leaving lot of left overs in the system, that is why Symantec have provided an utility called RemoveSymantecMacFiles to remove all traces of Norton from the system. Using your web browser, download this utility from the official website of Norton. It will be a ZIP file, download it.

Run the utility

Run the command file of the application and click on Open to confirm it. You will be asked to enter your administrator password. Enter it. Remove remaining Symantec files from the system using this utility. Once it is done, reboot your system.

Norton technical support

In this way, you will be able to uninstall Norton Internet Security in OS X. For any query or issue related with Norton, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-800-715-9524 .

norton support online

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Norton is well acknowledged name in terms of security and protection that offers range of antivirus programs for different security loopholes. Although, we independently support the users on Norton issue, we facilitate technical assistance on numerous issues. To ease the process of technical assistance we regularly trained our tech associate so they can detect an error as soon as possible. We make sure your PC will remain secure forever. To know more about Norton, speak with our associate at Norton antivirus support phone number at: +1-800-715-9524.

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