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How to Disable Norton Antivirus in Few Easy Steps

Norton Antivirus developed by Symantec is one of the premium antivirus programs available in the market. It is specially designed to protect your computer from any type of virus and harmful threats. It efficiently safeguards your systems from any potential threat that can attack your computer through internet on daily basis. However, Norton Antivirus is considered a heavy antivirus program by many users. Users have also reported that when they try to install some other program on the computer, Norton antivirus has a tendency to interfere in the installation process and cause problems. Due to these problems, users choose to disable Norton Antivirus till they install their preferred programs. Read the following blog to learn how to disable Norton antivirus program in few easy steps. Alternatively you can also consult our Norton Technical Support experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.

Locate the Norton Icon in your System Tray

In the system tray of your computer, there are several icons located on the bottom-right corner of your Windows desktop. These icons represent the current running programs on your system. Locate the Norton icon on your system tray. In case you don’t find it, click to see the hidden icons.

Right-click on the icon

Now right-click the Norton icon which will show a list of options. From the list of options, select “Disable Antivirus Auto-protect”. As it is an active part of Norton Antivirus, disabling it will switch off the running antivirus protection.

Select the duration

You can choose the duration for which you want to disable your active Norton antivirus protection. It is advisable that you shouldn’t use internet without having active antivirus protection.

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Re-enable protection

Once you are done with the task for which you have disabled the protection, right-click on the Norton icon again and choose “Enable Antivirus Auto-Protect”.

In this way, you will be able to disable Norton Antivirus in few easy steps. For any query or issue regarding Norton Antivirus, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number +1-800-715-9524