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How to Completely Remove Malware from Your Computer?

If your computer is running slower than normal speed, or the performance affected while running a particular program, then there is possibility of malware attack that is creating all these issues. Sometimes, despite lots of security efforts, like firewall protection, antivirus safety and other security measures, such virus enter into system and damage important files.

How to Completely Remove Malware from Your Computer

Before a malware damage your computer, remove the culprit and protect your PC from major losses. And here below we have discussed the right step how to remove malware from your computer with complete safety with little efforts.

Run Your PC in Safe Mode

First-thing-first, when you realize that your PC is infected by malware attack, then disconnect your PC from internet and LAN connection that prevents further spread or protects your data from leaking. Now boot your system at safe mode, because in this mode only minimum required programs run and if any malware try to become effective it will not work in safe mode. If you need help, you can also take Norton antivirus technical support to activate safety mode in your PC from further damage or avoid any major loss.

Remove Junk and Temp Files

After entering into safe mode, if you want to scan your PC for virus detect, before that you have to delete temporary files or folders from your system. Removing files helps to free-up some disk space and boost the scanning speed. You can also use Norton antivirus and take help of Norton customer support to delete temp files from your system.

Install Antivirus or Malware Scanner

Now it’s time to install effective antivirus software and run complete scan on your PC. However, if you already installed AVG antivirus into your PC, then you can take help of antivirus customer support to completely scan your computer for malware removal. However, you can also use another antivirus to detect malicious types of malwares.

Remove All Types of Infected Files

If you are using McAfee antivirus to scan your system, then contact to McAfee technical support for getting help of professional experts to remove malware and infected files carefully. Any infected file left in your computer can create problem anytime in near future. Hence, take help of professionals and remove all types of infected files to free your computer completely from any kind of malware infection and virus threat.