Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3

How to Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3?

Norton Antivirus is an outstanding antivirus software used by a majority of users worldwide. Norton Antivirus protects users’ laptops and computers from malware, adware, spyware, and viruses. Moreover, it also provides a robust security shield to your system. One of the common issues noted by Norton Antivirus users is Norton Error 3048 3.

Norton 3048 error is defined as a type of error which emerges while the installation process of the software is done. According to Norton Antivirus Support experts, the error may occur while the Symantec related software program is executing or even may even happen during the start up or shut down phase of the Windows. The Norton error 3048 has full probability to execute when users are setting up the Windows operating system and this is the time when you recognize that the problem has cropped up with the error 3048 3. So if you are facing this error just call us +1-800-715-9524 to Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3 instantly.

What Is Norton Error 3048 3?

The Norton Error 3048 3 occurs when you are installing any program or application while Norton antivirus is running. Additionally, it may also appear when either you start the Windows or shutting down the Windows Operating System.

Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out the actual cause of the error. However, you should not wait for the problem to become more critical. Avail our support services immediately. It will protect your system from any illegal activities.

Before we proceed to the solution procedure, users must know that the reasons for having Norton Error 3048 3. Take a look at the causes of the error:

  • Incomplete installation or download of the Norton Antivirus.
  • Corrupted Windows system files related to Norton Antivirus.
  • Any malware attack to the system corrupting the Windows system files or Norton Antivirus files.
  • Some missing Norton Antivirus files.

There can be more reasons for the error occurrence so it is highly necessary to troubleshoot the error as soon as possible. The troubleshooting tips are available below.

Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3

Signs of Norton error 3048 3:

  • The error often leads to frequent Windows program crashes
  • The user’s system will constantly crashes when running the similar program.
  • The error is displayed automatically in the screen as “Norton Error 3048 3 Windows 7”
  • Windows will run in a sluggish mode and will further respond in a weird way while working with the mouse and keyboard input.
  • Your device will freeze for a while and it will happen again and again.

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Steps to Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3

Step1: Renovation

  • Renovation of the catalog entries associated with Error 3048 3 is to be performed by users as suggested by Norton Antivirus technical support experts

Step2: Scan process

  • Next, you are required to perform a deep full virus or malware scan of the PC device

Step3: Removal of the system junk

  • Users need to throw away all the system waste which includes momentary files as well as folders with the help of disk clean-up process

Step4: Upgrading phase

  • Upgrade all the device drivers now

Step5: Undo phase

  • Operate the Windows system restore into an “undo” current system changes section

Step 6: Install/Un-install phase

  • Next, either perform an install or uninstall process of the Norton Antivirus Program which is related with Error 3048 3
  • Run the Windows system file analyzer by typing the command as “sfc / scannow”.

Step7: Download

  • Downloading of all the accessible Windows renewal process is to be performed

Step8: Execute phase

  • Executing a clean process of the Windows downloading system is necessary at last

Alternate Troubleshooting Guide For Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3

After knowing the causes, we move on to the troubleshooting procedure. Here are the troubleshooting steps that will help you to fix the Norton Error 3048 3 problems. The error can be resolved quickly if all the measures are implemented thoroughly to avoid wastage of time and resources.

Fix 1: Repair The Registry Files Having Error 3048 3

Editing the Windows Registry Files is not an easy task. An improper way of editing can even stop your computer from working and can further harm your Operating System.

  • Open the Start button and type “command” and then hit Enter.
  • You will have to click Yes on the Authorization dialogue box when it appears.
  • A command box will appear and then type “Regedit”. Hit the Enter button.
  • At the Catalog editor, choose the Norton Antivirus Key which you want to backup.
  • From the Menu File select the Export option.
  • Now, choose the folder to save your Norton Antivirus key from the Save In list. Then change the file name.
  • Now, in the Export Range box select the option of “Selected Branch”. After that click on Save option.
  • The file will be saved by .reg extension. From now onwards you are having the backup of the Norton Antivirus Key.

Fix 2: Using Disk Cleanup Remove All The System Junk Files

during the regular surfing and constant use of computer gathers a lot of system junk files. If these files are not cleaned out, the error may occur. Cleaning up these files can help to resolve the error.

  • Perform the first two steps of the Fix 1.
  • A command box will appear type “cleanmgr” and hit Enter.
  • The Disk Cleanup dialogue box will pop up with a sequence of checkboxes.
  • Check out your desired boxes to clean and then click on OK.

Fix 3: Windows System Restore

Restoring your Windows System will help to go back in time. Remember that System Restore will not affect your data and other essential files.

  • Open the Start Menu and type “System Restore” and then press the Enter button.
  • From the results click on System Restore. If prompted enter your account password.
  • Now to restore, follow all the steps in the Wizard.
  • Now restore your system.

Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3

Please strictly follow all the steps given above. If the problem Norton Error 3048 3 still persists, then you must immediately get our support service. We provide best in class services for our customers to resolve their issues. Our team of experts are well trained and also have years of experience in tech support.

Get our support through calling our customer support number. Additionally, you can send us any of your queries in details to our customer support email address. Moreover, you can have live chat with our panel of professionals for the best support assistance. Please visit our Norton customer support website for availing the live chat support service.

Here, you Norton antivirus error issues are resolved completely. Still, you are facing issue to Fix Norton Antivirus Product Error 3048 3, we ask users to get in touch with our Norton Tech Support Number +1-800-715-9524 professionals for prompt service.