Fix Hijacked Browser by Norton Antivirus

How to Fix Hijacked Browser by Norton Antivirus?

Browser Hijacker is defined as a malicious element which redirects users to a specific webpage for which they hardly wish to go. Users often ignore this type of error but it can pose serious threats by affecting your crucial data files as well as personal details as said by Norton Error Support experts. These programs simply direct users to a new website which may include crucial hidden programs. If you are one of those users who often come across such errors, then stop worrying about it and take instant help from our tech experts.  User’s identity may be at risk due to such hidden programs by breaking them into the computer system and accessing crucial information.  To Fix Hijacked Browser just read the steps are given below.

Fix Hijacked Browser

Steps to Fix Hijacked Browser by Norton Antivirus

Run the Norton Power Eraser

• Click on the Save option first.

• Selection of the location as Desktop, and then hit the Save option.

• To run Norton Power Eraser, double-click on the NPE.exe file extension

• Read carefully the license agreement terms and hit the “Accept” button.

• In the Norton Power Eraser window section, just tap the Unwanted Application Scan icon.

• In the Unwanted Apps Scan Complete window area which is found just next to the unwanted application or toolbar, simply hit the Uninstall button.
• Follow all the on-screen instruction prepared.

• When the un-installation phase is completed, restart the computer immediately.

Reset the browser’s settings

• Start the Internet Explorer.

• On the Tools menu section, just click “Manage add-ons” option.

• Go to the Manage Add-ons window and then under the Add-on Types, just select the Toolbars as well as Extensions options.

• Select the toolbar, and hit the Disable button if any suspicious link is found as suggested by Norton Antivirus Technical Support team.

• Selection of the Search Providers is to be just the location where “In the Manage Add-ons window” is located, under Add-on Types.

• Choose a search engine, and hit the Set as default option.

• Selection of the unknown search engine should be done, and click Remove and Close.
• On the Tools menu, just hit the Internet Options.

• In the General tab, right under the Home page, simply enter the address of the chosen page.
• Click the Apply icon and hit the OK button.

• Right-click the Internet Explorer shortcut and then select the Properties.

• In the Internet Explorer Properties window, just under the Shortcut tab, in the Target section, simply delete the text after iexplore.exe.

• Click the Apply icon and then choose the OK option to save the changes.

• Click Close.

• At last, simply run the Norton Power Eraser scan tool by double-clicking on the NPE.exe file.

Norton Antivirus Support

After following these steps if you are unable to Fix Hijacked Browser, Come and fix your Norton issues by reaching out to our Norton Antivirus Customer Support Service experts now. We are happy help you out in nay difficult situation which may arise unexpectedly.